Destinations: A visit to Jaisalmer in 1994

Proloy Bagchi

Having come all the way to Jodhpur we thought we might as well take to Jaisalmer. Around a couple of hundred kilometers away, Jaisalmer is, unlike Jodhpur, a genuine desert town, situated bang in the middle of the Great Indian Desert of Thar.

Designed transitional courses to fill home-school language gap lead to better language development of rural students, suggests research study

Dr. Lalit Kishore

"Educators and pedagogues had been advocating the initial education in mother tongues if it happens to be a standard or organising transitional course to switch over to the school language if the script is the same. My intervention research on 10-hour transitional course with rural Rajasthan girls has converted advocacy into action and got significantly positive results. The transitional course with padding strategy and designed learning tasks in the form of worksheets made it possible since the local dialect and Hindi has the Devnagari script," said Jaipur based researcher Dr Lalit Kishore whose paper has been accepted for a conference to be held in Punjab in the last week of April.